Thought about putting your phone system in the cloud?

Why? Low Cost, Flexible, Easy To Use and becoming increasingly more available due to the NBN rollout!

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What is a hosted small business phone system?

You may have heard about Hosted Phone systems through a variety of phrases, Virtual Phone Systems, VoIP or SIP Phone Systems, Cloud Phone Systems, or Cloud Based Systems.

Simply put a hosted phone solution stores your phone system data, programming and features online in the cloud. This means there is no need for a PABX box in your office. All you need is a stable and reliable internet connection and you’re ready to go! With the National Broadband Network (NBN) expanding, there’s a good chance that a hosted phone system is a great possibility for your business.

Why move to a hosted small business phone system?

Moving to a hosted phone system allows:

  • The brains of the phone system to live in the cloud (just like your average email account stores all of your emails, only more secure),
  • Features to be added remotely and freely without a visit to your office,
  • Extra handsets to be added easily as your staff expand, with no need for anyone to visit your office or make changes on-site,
  • You to connect to your Hosted Cloud PBX from anywhere. Once you connect your pre-programmed handset into an internet connection, your phone system is up and running and good to go,
  • Remote staff to be included in your phone system in just a few minutes, simply by plugging in a handset to any internet connection.
CloudVoice Contact Centre - VoIP phone systems for small business

CloudVoice Contact Centre consolidates customer interaction into a single interface, producing improved communication supported by analytic-driven data.
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CloudVoice Data is a managed data service that supports the quality of networks for Australian businesses, particularly Voice over IP (VOIP) and Internet.
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CloudVoice Trunks provides the telephony infrastructure necessary for reliable VOIP calls. Calls are processed outside of a business’ premises, improving communication continuity across multiple devices. Utilising our national MPLS network powered by Access4.
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CloudVoice UC provides Australian businesses with unified communication solutions. We are partnered with Access4 to provide Hosted PBX, Business Phone Systems and VOIP through the technologies developed by BroadSoft.
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Hosted Phone System Features

Communication Solutions Brisbane - Dedicated Phone Number

Dedicated Phone Number

Unified Communications Brisbane - call hold

Call Park, Hold + Pickup

Communication Solutions Brisbane - call transfer

Call Transfer

Full auto attendant - cloud communications company Brisbane

Full Auto Attendant

VoIP call waiting

Call Waiting

Dedicated Phone Number Per User

You must be able to transfer calls quickly and efficiently in order to effectively manage incoming call traffic. A hosted phone system achieves this with the push of a button or screen, thus allowing handset users to direct callers to the right extension easily. Hence callers develop a positive, professional schema of your company and meanwhile your staff remain productive throughout their day.

Call Park, Hold + Pickup

The most commonly used button on most handsets is the ‘hold’ button – and for good reason. It’s essential for smooth, professional handling of calls. If your current system lacks this, your business is suffering.

Call Transfer

To manage incoming call traffic effectively you must be able to transfer calls quickly and efficiently. This is a key reason companies upgrade to a proper phone system. Throwing the cordless back and forth just isn't good for business.

Full Auto Attendant

For some home offices hoping to present LARGER THAN LIFE images, an auto attendant can be ideal. It answers calls and provides options for different extensions within your company. You may have just three staff but sound like you have a hundred.

Call Waiting

If a caller is waiting you can place your current one on hold and take the second call. If you choose not to answer it will simply go to voicemail. You may then retrieve your voicemail as an email or on your phone for free anyway - wherever you are.

Music On Hold

When callers are placed on hold they can hear professional messages or music of your choice. It is simply uploaded to the host as a .WAV file and will play automatically when required.

Voicemail To Email

For many people in small business they are often out and about and not always at their desks. No matter where you are your voicemail can now be sent to your email. This means if you have a smart phone you’ll be able to listen to your office emails on your mobile phone, laptop or IPAD.

Day & Night Greetings

Many systems include day & night greetings as stock-standard to ensure that callers develop a polished, professional impression of your company, first time, any time. If your receptionist(s) are busy on calls the system answers the call.

Call Flow Hunt Groups

You may nominate which inbound numbers call to which staff members. You may also work out overflow groups and an advanced Auto Attendant that routes calls with phrases such as "Press 1 for sales" etc. It’s simple and easily configured for however you want to handle your inbound call flows.

Extension Dialling

You may dial any extension (staff member) in or out of the office at no charge (if connected and included in your solution). This includes staff with SIP loaded on their mobile phones. If you call and they answer on their mobile SIP number it is free too - thus reducing costs.
Music on hold - small business phone system

Music On Hold

voice to email - VoIP

Voicemail To Email

Day and night greetings - Communication solutions Brisbane

Day And Night Greetings

Call flow hunt groups - unified communications Brisbane

Call Flow Hunt Groups

Extension dialing - Cloud Communication company Brisbane

Extension Dialing


CloudVoice Solutions (CVS) helped us immensely by guiding us towards a flexible VoIP phone system for our business. CVS put together a cost-effective solution to meet our current needs and future expansion without the need for complex and costly equipment.

Bruce Myers, CFO @ Howard Smith Wharfs

Fantastic Service!! We have been with Cloud Voice since May 2018 and everything has been great. Any issues that arise with the system I just chat to a support team member and they look into it straight away and get most things fixed within minutes. Moves and changes are so much easier now that we have our own login to the system. The technical team and support team are fantastic and I can highly recommend Cloud Voice Solutions to everyone.

Leigh-Anne Bissett, Sales Manager @ South East QLD Ice Cream

The Cloud Voice team know their product. Approachable staff who are happy to assist with any queries, and promptly. Being provided with your own log in to Cloud Voice Solutions, it’s great to be able to make changes to voicemail messages and settings whenever required.

Sharon Glancy, Administration Coordinator @ Synapse

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