MS Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams is an innovative and continuously evolving product from Microsoft. Part of Microsoft 365, Teams provides a workspace for meetings, real-time collaboration, and communication.

Teams Calling elevates that further by integrating public calling features, like a primary phone number that enables making and receiving calls, features like hold and transfer, which are all available from anywhere the Teams app is.

Public calling, Teams and the Access 4 platform work better together.

Using Direct Routing and Access4 Platform, a Microsoft Teams environment can be connected to the public network (PSTN) without any additional on-premises hardware or software. This is the solution for organisations with voice already in the cloud, or those making the move away from an onsite PBX.

Why Cloud Voice Solutions

With the Access4 and SASBOSS platforms we can strengthen a Teams Calling solution with a heavy focus on innovation and infrastructure, Cloud Voice Solutions with Access4 is able to add additional value to a Teams Calling deployment.

Automation – Automate the authentication and provisioning process, speeding up configuration and deployment.
Billing – Leverage integrated billing for calls and services.
Fraud Protection – Reduced risk exposure with toll fraud monitoring.
Hybrid Services – Seamlessly fill feature gaps in the native Microsoft platform with blended Broadworks technologies.
Product Choice – A simplified, yet feature-rich offering to help a range of businesses tap into the power of Teams Calling.

The Hybrid power by blending Cloud Voice Solutions Broadworks features with Microsoft Teams

Businesses with complex requirements may quickly find native Teams features are not enough. We are here to help.

Cloud Voice Solutions in conjunction with Access4 have years of experience in BroadWorks technologies. Through the innovation of the SASBOSS platform, we can offer a uniquely hybrid product that brings the best of BroadWorks right into Teams Calling.

BroadWorks add-ons available in SASBOSS to enhance a Teams Calling solution:

Call Recording – Cloud encrypted call recording with flexible options.
CRM Integration – Integrate with a customer’s CRM to deliver information about callers.
Reception Console – Web app for receptionists to efficiently distribute calls across an entire business.
Call Centre – Create flexible call centres, queues and IVRs with three tiers of functionality and specialised add ons.

Supported Microsoft licenses include

  • E1 + phone system add on
  • E3 + phone system add on
  • E5 (phone system included)
  • Common Area Phone (phone system included)
  • Meeting Room (phone system included).

Step 1 – Choosing a channel or user product for an Enterprise is the first decision to make.

There are big differences in the underlying technology and provisioning process between the channel and user product. For this reason, when you choose the product type, it applies to the entire enterprise meaning it is one or the other.

Understanding which product is a better fit for you will help you get the right solution.

The user model is quite simple in its one to one relationship, just provision each Teams user with Teams Calling. On the other hand, the channel model requires more thought and planning but can bring a more cost-effective and lower configuration solution.

  • CVS MS Channel
    Similar to SIP trunks and best for large deployments as the minimum number of channels to start is five. Channels use a contention model and offers an even simpler path to add calling to a large number of Teams users. All configuration is done in the Microsoft Teams environment.
  • CVS MS Basic user
    Adds calling to a Teams user. Provides three active channels per user and minimises costs by not including any Broadworks functionality. All configuration is done in the Microsoft Teams environment.
  • CVS MS Enhanced user
    Everything in basic, plus: An included Broadworks Executive license (hardware & software) Enables the use of hybrid addons like call recording, call centres, and CRM integrations.
  • CVS MS Bundled enhanced user
    Everything in the enhanced included calls option, while also pre-packaged with popular BroadWorks add-ons: Voicemail user / Virtual park user / IVRs / Call centres

Step 2 – Choose your CVS Call packs. Two simple ways to pay for calls.

Just like with our standard cloud voice range, a call pack is chosen at the enterprise level and determines options and pricing for external calling.

Adding a call pack to a user enables external calling and the same type of pack applies to the entire enterprise, they cannot be mixed.

Calls to internal services, also known as on-net, do not incur any charges.

  • Please note CVS MS Teams Channels only have the Unlimited option.
    • Included Calls – Local, national and mobile calling included for a set monthly charge to users.
    • Due to our unique infrastructure, you benefit from Australian and New Zealand calls being treated as national calls.
    • Outbound calls to 13/1300 numbers are charged at $0.30 + GST Flat rate
  • PAYG Calls – Paying as you go means calls are billed individually for each user.
    • Local $0.10 / National $0.06 / Mobile $0.15 / 1300 $0.30 / No flag fall.
    • Per second billing (except outbound 1300 numbers).
    • Inbound services (eg 1300/1800) also benefit from per second billing on inbound calls received. $0.08
    • All Pricing is Excluding GST