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Cloud ISDN

VoIP Phone Systems for Small Business

The NBN roll-out will result in regular ISDN phone lines to be disconnected. Protect your business with a Cloud-based Small Business Phone System.

Most Australian businesses will have a traditional PABX Phone System in their office. In the past, these ran over traditional ISDN Phone lines. With the introduction of the NBN nationwide, these ISDN lines will be automatically turned off, potentially resulting in your phones being disconnected.

Benefits of a cloud-based phone system:

  1. Reduce telephony costs. Ask us about capped pricing!
  2. You’re able to keep your current phone system.
  3. Manage Call-flow and answer points online. This is great as business owners can now control how they communicate with their customers.
  4. Internal communication becomes easier than ever before. Ask us for a demo!
  5. Video and document sharing between staff and customers through an online application.

As you can see from above, Cloud-based phone systems open your business to a full-range of opportunities for communication and collaboration with customers and staff.

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Price quoted does not include number hosting porting or internet connectivity charges. Premium calls (13, 1300 are charged at 30 cents per call). All included call packs are subject to an Acceptable Use Policy. Does not include charges for programming of phone system or other labour.

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