Cloud Voice – Inbound Rates

Cloud Voice – Inbound Rates

Standard Call Rates

Standard National Inbound calls
$0.08 / Minute No Flagfall – Billed / Sec

All rates are excluding GST unless otherwise stated.


Inbound Call Packs

Inbound – PAYG Standard
1300/1800 Rate Applies

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General rules

Call rates are applicable for calls to Australia and New Zealand.
Call Packs are applicable for calls to Australia and New Zealand.
Please note these call rates are applicable to inbound calls only and are charged to the 1300 number account owner.
Please note these inbound call rates do not include the hosting fee or any porting fees that may apply.

What is the Difference Between 1300 and 1800 Numbers?

Both numbers come with exactly the same features and functions and can be set up in the same way. In that respect they are identical. They are both nationwide numbers that are fully portable, meaning they are not restricted to any particular telephone exchange or geographical area. They also come with a wide range of call handling and routing options that can be tailored to individual business needs.

Call Cost to the Account Holder

Account holders of both numbers are charged for all incoming calls. The cost depends on where the call originates from and is charged at the respective rate. The difference between the numbers are the rates at which the calls are charged at. Call rates are generally lower for 1300 numbers because the call cost is shared between the caller and the account holder.

There are three call origins and they generally attract different call rates. Local Calls from most vendors– landline calls received from the local area of where the 1300/1800 number is being routed to. National Calls – landline calls received from outside the local area of where the 1300/1800 number is being routed to. Mobile Calls – calls received from a mobile phone, anywhere in Australia.

Cloud Voice Solutions charges one flat rate i.e. the Standard Inbound Call Rate above, regardless of the origin of that call.

Our other offerings

CloudVoice UC provides Australian businesses with unified communication solutions. We are partnered with Access4 to provide Hosted PBX, Business Phone Systems and VOIP through the technologies developed by BroadSoft.

CloudVoice Contact Centre consolidates customer interaction into a single interface, producing improved communication supported by analytic-driven data.

CloudVoice Data is a managed data service that supports the quality of networks for Australian businesses, particularly Voice over IP (VOIP) and Internet.