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Communication Solutions Brisbane

CloudVoice Trunks is a Communication Solution for Brisbane providing the telephony infrastructure necessary for reliable VoIP calls

Calls are processed outside of a business’ premises, improving communication continuity across multiple devices. CloudVoice Trunks: Communication Solutions Brisbane.

CloudVoice Trunks -  Communication Solutions Brisbane
CloudVoice Trunks is a cloud-based VOIP solution for ensuring communication continuity for businesses in Australia. Using our national MPLS network powered by Access4, BroadSoft servers are available in multiple locations across Australia.

This means that should a voice server become non-operational, a second server will activate, ensuring calls are always received. Also, utilising CloudVoice Trunks creates a fail-over should you experience a power outage at your premises.

If a power outage occurs, calls will be processed as usual and will be delivered to a mobile endpoint or routed to an alternative location.

Australian businesses now have reliable VOIP phone services with the support of CloudVoice Trunks. Solutions are available on a Pay Per User Per Month plan or for larger customers and contact centres, Cloud Managed SIP is available.

Each plan includes various options, with configuration available for call inclusions.


Whose network is used to provide VOIP data trunks?

CloudVoice Solutions has partnered with Access4 to offer our own MPLS network that is available nationally.

What if I have a power outage at my premises?

CloudVoice Trunks offers an external network to your premises which is particularly useful in these situations. Having a national MPLS network allows VOIP communication to continue, even if there is a power outage at your location. You can either make and receive calls by a mobile device or re-route traffic to an alternative location until power is reinstated at your location.

Keen to find out how Cloud Voice Solutions can help your business?

We offer cutting-edge communication solutions from Brisbane to Australian businesses of all sizes. We would love to hear from you!

Access4 Map: Communication Solutions Brisbane

CloudVoice Trunks using national MPLS Network powered by Access4

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