Call Rates & Packs

Unified Communications hosted PABX Standard and international call rates and UCaaS call packs.

Standard Call Rates

UCaaS Call Packs

Local Calls

10c Untimed

MVE1 – PAYG Only

Standard Rates Apply

Calls to Australian mobiles

$0.06 / Minute No Flagfall – Billed / Second

MVE2 – Includes National Fixed Calls

$10 +GST / user / month


Refer to International call Rate card

MVE3 – Includes National and Calls to Mobiles (1300/1800 Call are not included)

$20 +GST / user / month

1300 and 13 numbers

30c / call

National Directory Assistance

85c / call +GST

International Directory Assistance

$3.40 / call +GST

General rules

All pricing and rates exclude GST
• Call rates are applicable for calls to Australia and New Zealand.
• Call Packs are applicable for calls to Australia and New Zealand.
• UCaaS Call Packs do not include calls to 1300/1800 numbers. These will be charged at the Standard Call rates in all instances
• Calls generated from the system are chargeable at the Standard call rates – i.e. any forwarded call from a hunt group.
• If there is a connectivity issue between the site and hosted PABX server, the Business Continuity Number is in use, and calls forwarded to this number are charged at the Standard call rates.

International Call Rates