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Unified Communications Brisbane

CloudVoice UC provides Australian businesses with unified communications Brisbane

We are partnered with Access4 to provide Hosted PBX, Business Phone Systems and VOIP through the technologies developed by BroadSoft. We provide Unified Communications Brisbane

CloudVoice UC - Unified Communications Brisbane
CloudVoice UC provides a BroadSoft Unified Communications (UC) solution to allow Australian businesses to communicate across sites and platforms.

Along with a hosted managed voice solution, CloudVoice UC ensures communication is kept within a single system, permitting cohesion across messaging and voice from traditional phone systems, desktop PCs and mobile devices.

This offers great flexibility for businesses which were previously restricted to a ‘phone on a desk’.

CloudVoice UC provides solutions using a choice of physical or soft-phones and mobile capability is provided with the UC-One App.

Messaging across devices is made possible with the platform, making it easier than ever before to communicate across teams in multiple locations.

Call Handling is built-in to enable advanced Call Hunt Groups, permitting calls to ring across to multiple devices and users.

Advanced collaboration has been implemented to include video, chat, conference calling and content sharing with UC-One.

This is all integrated into applications including Outlook, Dynamics and Salesforce.


Can we still have physical phones on our desks?

Yes! We still provide physical phones and traditional PBX for businesses. This is able to be integrated within our platform seamlessly.

Are calls able to ring at more than one location?
Yes – CloudVoice UC has advanced call handling that you can manage yourself. We will step you through setting this up to either ring simultaneously or ring as a hunt group until a user answers.
How many users are supported in video/voice conference?

30 video users and 100 audio participants are supported in a single conference using our platform.

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We offer cutting-edge communication solutions to Australian businesses of all sizes.
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UC One Communicator Overview

Ideal for business professionals who collaborate in cross-functional, distributed, or global organizations, Communicator (Unified Communications Platform Brisbane) lets you quickly find colleagues, start a voice or video call, share files and screens, and even seamlessly move your call with you to another device.

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