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Call Flow Examples

Communication Solutions Brisbane

Small business phone system call flow examples

Small Office Reception

Receptionist passes calls onto correct person


Receptionist passes calls onto correct person


If unanswered or busy – call will follow hunt group


Outside business hours – voicemail or call to person

Call Flow Examples: Unified Communications Brisbane

Reception with Call Queue

Small business with 25 call queue


Busy reception – queuing calls until receptionist available


System greets caller with business greeting. Then music or message plays.


Call queue can hold 25 calls with a max hold of 60 mins.

Reception with call queue: small business phone system

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Small Office No Reception

Business with up to 5 employees, no receptionist


Representing most businesses without a reception.


Incoming calls flow through a series of users until answered.


If no answer, direct to voicemail or other destination.

Small office no reception: Unified Communications Brisbane

Medium to Large Business

Business with up large number of employees and multiple teams.


Callers are greeted with an IVR menu to select the correct team or department.


12 configurable keys to ensure calls are directed efficiently.


Many options available at each point.
Voicemail, hold music or message can be played at each point.

Medium to large business: communication solutions Brisbane

CloudVoice Solutions: Communication Solutions Brisbane

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